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Welcome! We’re excited that you’re trying out NightProfit! In this short guide we’ll walk you through how to make your first automated trades with NightProfit and use key features. We provide a thorough overview, but feel free to just skim and follow the pictures if you only want the instructions.

Let’s get started! Here’s what you’ll need:

  • PC with Windows (or Mac using Parallels/VMWare)
  • A browser (for example Google Chrome)
  • 15 minutes

Table of Contents

1. Download MetaTrader 4 (or MT5)

MetaTrader is a platform for trading Forex, analyzing financial markets and using Expert Advisors. Millions of traders with a wide range of needs choose MetaTrader to trade in the market.

The platform offers ample of opportunities to traders of all skill levels: advanced technical analysis, flexible trading system, algorithmic trading and Expert Advisors, as well as mobile trading applications.

While you can download MetaTrader from the official developer website, NightProfit requires a trading account, so you need to download MetaTrader directly from your broker website.

Please see some example links by popular brokers below:

Please note that certain accounts registered with XM don’t work with NightProfit. This is because XM uses a different order type code than all the other brokers.

Here are some additional lists to help you find the right broker:

2. Install MetaTrader

Right-click/double-click on the EXE file downloaded from your broker site to open the install wizard.

Follow the instructions to complete the install.

3. Download NightProfit

Go to the StarTrade official website to purchase a NightProfit license. You will receive the following email after payment.

Click the link to download the Zip file and save it to your Desktop.

4. Install NightProfit

Follow this video to install NightProfit on MetaTrader 5.

The video uses MetaTrader 5 as an example – if you are using MT4, it’s the same process but you need to use these files:

  • NightProfit for MT4 (folder) instead of NightProfit MT5 (folder)
  • Select the folder MQL4 instead of MQL5 that is shown in the video

5. Load NightProfit

Restart MetaTrader 4 (or MT5) by closing the application and starting it again.

If you have installed NightProfit correctly, you will see the NightProfit Expert Advisor in the Navigator window on the left.

If you don’t see the Navigator window, press  of Ctrl+N or click “View – Navigator” in MT4/MT5.

Follow the video to see how to load NightProfit into a chart.

Drag and drop NightProfit from the Navigator window to a chart on the right. You need to repeat this step for each chart.

If NightProfit doesn’t stick to the top right corner of the chart, it means that the library is missing. Please go through the installation again and make sure that the two files (ex4 and library) are placed in the correct folders.

Add your License Key

License Keys are sent to your email immediately after purchase.

Find the email you received from StarTrade after payment, it will look similar to this:

You’ll receive 2 license keys, one for MT4 and one for MT5.

Follow the video to add your license key.

  • Make sure to copy the license key correctly, without any space or added characters
  • Make sure to use the correct license key (don’t use a MT5 license key on MT4, it won’t work)

6. Make the first autotrade with NightProfit

Set the time frame for the chart to M1. This will instruct NightProfit to trade every minute. You can change it later to M5 (5 minutes), M15 (15 minutes) or even D1 (one trade a day). As we are just starting, we’ll use M1 as an example to quickly jumpstart!

Open NightProfit by double clicking on the NightProfit label on the top right of the chart.

In the Common tab, click:

In the Inputs tab by starting with the suggested settings:

  • Minimize Risk = 1 (this will tell NightProfit to take a large amount of trades quickly, please only use in demo or if you are certain of what you are doing. We use “1” to quickly test the robot. With high values (up to 10), expect fewer trades during the day, but on average more accurate than using a low value.
  • One Trade at Time = false (if true, the bot will open fewer trades)
  • TakeProfit (TP) = 35
  • StopLoss (SL) = 35
  • LotSize = 1 (very high, we suggest using 0.01 to 0.05 to reduce risk per trade. You can do different tests and see what works best for you)
  • Magic Number = 786

Click OK to save the settings for this chart. You need to repeat this step for each chart.

Click “AutoTrade” on MetaTrader 4 (or “AlgoTrading” on MT5) as shown in the screenshot:

7. Settings & Features

Here is the suggested process to start, feel free to adjust these settings based on your research and tests. We strongly suggest to try different settings, timeframes and pairs to find the best settings that work for you.

Please join our official Facebook Group: NightProfit Settings & Suggestions

Keep in mind that these are just suggestions to help you learn about NightProfit’s settings so that you can customize them. Every setup is different (different hardware specifications, different connection protocol, different broker, different server, etc..) so you need to find the best Settings for the bot.

For the first 3 days, run on 4 currency pairs, timeframe M5, minimum 3 hours per day. Minimize Risk = 8, one_trade_at_time = true.

In the next 6 days, add 2 currency pairs (total is now 6), change timeframe to M1. Minimize Risk = 9, one_trade_at_time = false.

You will be able to notice large improvements day-to-day after day 6.

We suggest to test and try in Demo (M1, M5, M30, H1) to find the best configuration that works with your specific setup and broker (Try “Minimize Risk” = 5, 7, 10). Low “Minimize Risk” (1-5) makes the bot open many trades. Please use very carefully!

8. Support & Troubleshooting

We created NightProfit to make it easy for beginners and professional traders to trade automatically. We know that learning new software can be intimidating.

That is why we are focused on creating easy-to-use software, along with providing detailed instructions and unmatched support to our customers. Our customer-focused approach has made StarTrade the predominant choice for efficient and effective automated trading and analysis.

If you see an error or need help with something, do not panic, our resources and our team are here.

The quickest way to receive help is to visit our HelpDesk where you’ll find answers to 99% of the questions and issues.

If the issue is not solved, please do not hesitate to contact someone from our team on either Facebook Messenger or email at We’ll be as quick as we can to help and will work hard to iterate based on user feedback to make your experience using NightProfit as awesome as possible!

Common issues

License Key is invalid
Make sure you copy the key exactly, without spaces or added characters. If you are using MT4, make sure to use the key for MT4. If you are using MT5, make sure to use the key for MT5. 

NightProfit disappears from the chart
This happens when the library is not correctly installed. Please follow the process as explained at the beginning of this page.


Congratulations! You’ve now made your first trade with NightProfit, the autotrading software for MetaTrader.

Visit the NightProfit product page to start trading automatically!

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